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About Event

We would like to invite you to participate in the Russian Venture Forum - the highlight of the Russian venture industry!

The Forum space annually gathers the leaders of the best Russian technology companies and investors! The Forum is an international platform for discussions and sharing best practices between professionals and leaders united by the desire to become a part of technological future development, the "entry point" to the private equity and venture capital industry. The Acceleration Program for the leading Russian innovative companies will be held within the scope of the event.

The organizers are the Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) and Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Who and why shall participate in the Forum?

  • Entrepreneurs: will receive an expert evaluation of their projects, undergo training, get advice on their business presentation to a prospective investor, initiate negotiations with investors and attract investments;
  • Investors: will receive information on innovative projects of the exhibiting companies in promising sectors, have “live” communication with businessmen, discuss the fundraising issues, organization and legal forms of funds in the Russian jurisdiction, get acquainted with the best practices, determine the main trends in the venture business;
  • Development institutions: will discuss the main trends and prospects for development of the private equity and venture capital market, estimate the efficiency of the existing ones, as well as determine new mechanisms and tools for venture business promotion.

Business program

Business Program of the Forum is the most convenient and constructive platform for the most intensive and extensive discussion of the key activity aspects of the private equity and venture capital professionals community in Russia and abroad. Annually the Forum hosts up to 20 specialized events in its scope, aimed at provision of a constructive dialogue between all participants of the innovative process.

Participation in the discussions enable to learn practical experience of direct and venture capital raising, find new partners and clients, lay the foundation for future business development, identify prospective investment industries of high-tech sector, reconsider one’s business development strategy and establish strong and long-term relationships.

The events at the Forum bear a “club” character, and it is their special feature, required to create efficient business communication between the principal participants of the investment process.


The Forum exposition is a platform for innovative companies involved in attracting capital for their business development.

The Forum Exposition is:

  • A challenge for owners and managers of the companies to receive professional valuation of their businesses;
  • An opportunity to get specialized training and consultations on preparation of business presentation for a potential investor; It is an opportunity to present your business and attract the attention of a wide range of investors;
  • A place for business owners and management to establish contacts and establish business links with possible partners; and
  • A prospective of gaining the necessary skills to create a successful business and attract investment for its development.

The Forum Exposition will be attended by the companies receiving a positive expert evaluation from venture business professionals in terms of their sustainability of attracting private capital and meeting the formal requirements of venture and direct investor. At the same time, the region of the company operation in Russia is of no particular importance, as well as the sphere it builds its business in.

The experience of the Forum (Russian Venture Fairs) shows that the Exposition operation effectiveness significantly exceeds the similar foreign indicator: 13% of participating companies have attracted capital for the development of their business.

Key features of the Forum

  • Exhibiting companies present their business at large, as well as the potential for its rapid growth.
  • Preliminary selection, aimed at examination of companies for compliance with the requirements of a venture investor, is carried out by experts at the stage of the Exposition formation.
  • Obligatory specialized training of owners and managers of companies selected for the exposition is aimed at mastering the skills of effective business presentation to a potential investor.
  • All events and the Exposition are conducted in “only for professionals” mode.
  • The most comfortable conditions are created for direct contact between the investors and the companies.
  • Formalized requirements are established for the Exposition of companies and their presentation materials.
  • Specialized training of businessmen and top managers is carried out in the process of preparation for the Forum from the moment of the company’s applying for participation in the fair and till establishing its direct contacts with investors.

Presentations of the best teams of high-tech entrepreneurs selected from the projects applied for participation will be offered to you. And they will have opportunity to expand their business and attract investments.

Acceleration Program will be held within the scope of the event for the leading innovative companies of Russia. This program is aimed at promotion Russian technology companies to the federal and global markets. The experts review over 300 projects annually through the quarterly cycle of acceleration programs. They select up to 20 companies and present them to potential investors and consumers of high-tech products. The program envisages training for companies and upgrading of their teams in the city of Kazan at innovative sites, and then in one of the international centers of Ireland, Silicon Valley, Singapore and Israel.

This is a systemic opportunity to attract investments for the project implementation, to finalize the product to the stage of an industrial prototype and production sample, and to enter the international market for a start-up.

The representatives of innovative businesses participating in the Russian Venture Forum will be granted a special opportunity to address with a speech the investors from Russia, Europe, Asia and the USA.

Traditionally, Kazan is welcoming the leading world venture funds.

We will acquaint you with the opportunities of the Republic of Tatarstan - the innovative hub of Russia.

The President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov will participate in the business program of the Forum, which will include plenary sessions, round tables, and topical sections on the most urgent issues of the venture industry.

Key Indicators of the Forum

Over 850 investors from Russia and foreign countries, 589 exhibiting companies, more than 13 236 participants from 70 Russian cities and 30 foreign countries (annually up to 1500 people) have taken part in this event during the entire history of the Forum (Kazan Venture Fair).

The Russian Venture Forum has been running its history since the year of 2000, when RVCA started holding the annual Russian Venture Fair.

Since 2005 the city of Kazan is hosting the Kazan Venture Fair, which, according to the venture capital community of Russia, is the best regional platform.

That is why since 2015 the Kazan Venture Fair has acquired the status of the Russian Venture Fair.

Since 2017, the Russian Venture Fair has acquired the status of the Russian Venture Forum.

R.N. Minnikhanov - the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, A.A. Fursenko - Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Gerard MacCarthy - Head of the Trade Department of the Embassy of Ireland in Moscow, the Enterprise Ireland Manager, Sven Lingjaerde - Managing Partner at Endeavour Vision (Switzerland), Alexandra Johnson – the President of Global Technology Capital, USA, I.R. Agamirzian - General Director of Russian Venture Company OJSC, S.G. Polyakov - General Director of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere, А.V. Sharonov - Rector of the Moscow School of Management “Skolkovo”, A.V. Galitsky - Head of Venture Fund “Almaz Capital Partners” and others participated in the Russian Venture Forum in 2017. The event was attended by delegations from Ireland and the Netherlands.

The key topic discussed at the plenary meeting of the Forum was “Technological Entrepreneurship 4.0: Global Competitive Ability and Regional Singularity”.

The investors from Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, the USA, Finland, Latvia, CIS countries, a total of 1178 interested specialists and participants from all over the world took part in the Forum 2017.

Forty six selected innovative companies were presented to investors out of the total 444 companies, which applied for participation in the exposition. These were projects from:

  • the Republic of Tatarstan (38 projects);
  • Moscow (3 projects);
  • St. Petersburg (3 projects);
  • Volgograd (1 project);
  • Israel (1 project);

The total volume of requested investments comprised 198.88 million dollars.

Representation of companies was carried out by the industry-based principle in accordance with the priority directions of economic development of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Part of the program within the framework of the Russian Venture Forum 2017 was the IV Russian European Technology Tour in the Republic of Tatarstan.

The mission of Tech Tour was the following:

  • to identify unique and innovative projects able of influencing the European technological market;
  • to present the selected companies to the group of the best global investors and corporations in the world of high technology; and
  • to contribute to the development of high-tech and innovative companies in Europe.

IV Russian European Technology Tour was organized by: European Association of Tech Tours, Europe Unlimited, RVC, Skolkovo, Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan. Furthermore, the Russian Tech Tour was carried out with the support of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, with the partnership of development institutions and leading market participants. The delegates visited the RVK event in Moscow, and got acquainted with the Skolkovo infrastructure. In Kazan, the IV Russian Tech Tour became the part of the Russian Venture Forum program, its delegates not only met with the local companies, but also participated in plenary sessions and discussions.

The Participants of the Russian Venture Forum in 2017 were:

Voytek Siewierski Managing Partner, Silicon Valley Venture Partners, United States
Simone Theiss Managing Director, Tech Tour, Switzerland
William Stevens Founder & Group Managing Director, Tech Tour, Belgium
Gerard MacCarthy Manager, Enterprise Ireland
Jose Achache Managing Director, Altyn, Switzerland
Max Bautin Managing Partner, IQ Capital Partners, United Kingdom
Jean-Marie Deluermoz Head Private Banking CEE, Liechtensteinische Landesbank, Switzerland
Stanislav Ivanov Co-founder, Tera Ventures, Estonia
Yves Pillonel Director, Suntrust Investment Co. SA, Switzerland
Victoria Psareva Investment Banker, Pictet & Cie, Switzerland
Jörg Sievert Founder, Cleverle, Germany
Sven Thate Investment Manager, BASF Venture Capital GmbH, Germany
Furuzonfar Zehni Associate, Fresco Capital, Hong Kong
Nuno Carvalho Venture Capital, Bekaert, Belgium
François Feige General Partner, Brightlands Innovation Factory, Netherlands
Candace Johnson President, EBAN – European Business Angels Network, Poland
Dauren Toluekhanov Head of Europe, Samruk Kazyna, Kazakhstan
Peter van Gelderen General Partner, Icos Capital, Netherlands и другие.

Plenary session, round tables and discussions of topical issues concerning business operations, development and investments, events of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) and other events of the federal and regional significance were held within the framework of the Forum.

The guests of the Forum were offered presentations of innovative infrastructure of the Republic of Tatarstan and the scientific potential of the higher educational and research institutions. An interactive exhibition Hi Future was organized on the ground floor, where guests and Forum participants were able to get acquainted today with the technologies of the future.

Digitization, circular economy, development prospects of the national IT sector - technologies that will surprise the world

Applications from innovative companies to participate in the exposition of the Russian Venture Forum will be accepted until March 23, 2018.

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